• Try to take the photo from a few yards away to avoid any distortion of the head shape.

• Experiment with lighting angles and avoid if possible areas of high contrast with bright sunshine.

• If you wish to have more than one subject in the portrait you can use separate photos but ensure the lighting is from the same direction. Also, both subjects should be taken inside or both outside.

• A three quarter view of the head is usually better than a straight-on view although this is your personal choice. The subject does not have to be looking straight at the viewer. ‘Informal’ shots can make charming portraits.

• Backgrounds can be changed or removed and often a head and neck portrait can look best with an uncluttered background.

•   If you are unsure which shots to use use, send them all and we could discuss the pros and cons together.

•   It’s worth the effort to find the best reference photo as it will provide me with all the information I need to capture the personality and likeness of a well-loved horse or pet.

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